Though it had only been a few weeks he missed her. Work took her traveling at times and while he was happy for her new experiences, he craved her homecoming.

She awoke on the plane as it descended through the clouds and thought of him. It had been different lately, their lives had them running in different directions, but he was never far from her mind. She walked sleepily toward the plane door and down the concourse to baggage claim where she saw him. She didn’t expect him to be there as his presence was a surprise. She felt those familiar feelings rush over her as she shared a smile and he came walking over to grab her and press his lips to hers. Somehow nothing ever changed.

He grabbed her bags and laughed about how she wouldn’t need to call a cab before walking hand in hand to his truck. He opened her door, always a gentleman, and put her bags in the truck. She felt her heart race and her mind was full of thoughts on how this would go. She relied on him to ease her and walk her through these moments, he was always so strong for her.

On the ride home they held hands and talked about her trip. But there was still an unknown. Despite that, it felt as if nothing had changed, their kisses were just as full of care and desire when they pulled up to her apartment. He unloaded her bags and carried them upstairs. When she unlocked the door she paused, this is where he always grabbed her. Would he?

He did and she welcomed it. His strong arms held her tightly and she melted in his embrace. They took a moment to get reacquainted, their lips pressing firmly to each other and tongues tangling gently. His hands held her waist and one slipped to her bottom to grip it firmly and pull her into him. As the desire grew they undressed each other there against the hallway wall. His shirt, then hers, his pants, then hers, until he unclasped her bra to free her large, firm breasts, a hand cupping it to his mouth to kiss her risen nipple. Her head fell back and a moan escaped her lips. She missed him dearly. She missed his hunger and the way he was so attentive.

He lifted her petite body and rolled her against his masculine, hairy chest to carry her to the bedroom where he placed her softly on the bed before lowering his briefs and tugging her panties off her hips. He crawled over her and she felt him lay heavily on her thigh. It had been so long and they needed each other. Her legs fell open to incite him as he pushed slowly inside her. The thick, round head of his cock opened her and he felt her warmth. Her hands wrapped around his lower back, gripping him to let him know she needed the rest. He was gentle as her tightness accepted him, inch after inch, until she was full and he felt her body hold the full length of his manhood.

They laid there holding each other for a moment, remembering how it felt as they kissed passionately. His lips sliding down her neck to under her ear as he whispered his love for her. His hands held her breasts and lower back as he pulled himself nearly out of her before moving back in again. In long, slow strokes, he made love to her. Her hand rested on his lower back and cheek of his ass as she tapped lightly to give him a rhythm she had desired for so long. He was thick and filling, and she missed her belly feeling his weight and warmth. She wrapped her legs around his waist and took him deep. The intensity grew so that their rhythm was more quick, her body making him wet so she he could give her his all.

Faster now, they pressed their bodies against each other, her head tucked neatly against his neck as she moaned for him. His strong arms held her in place as his hips met hers and he could feel her grip tighten around his member. He needed her finish, he missed her pleasure. He lifted his head from kissing her and their eyes locked. He told her he wanted her to cum for him. She always listened well, and followed his command, this time was no different. Her climax began immediately and she rode out her finish on him. He could feel her body shake under his embrace, her thighs hold him tight, and hear the moans he drew from her lips. Her nails dug into his back as she bucked against him.

Her hand moved to his hair to bring his mouth to hers before she asked for his release. Her tight grip stroked him so well and she felt his muscular body tense as he started. She encouraged him, “Yes…please…” The first stream of his warm seed buried deep inside her, then another, and she felt it spread in her belly. She missed it and she realized how much she needed it. Her hands moved up and down his back as he filled her, her body milking the last of him.

They rested, letting their bodies relax, but he never left her warmth and his arms never relaxed from around her. The passion was as it had always been, their love just as strong. He cuddled her close and they said little. Sometimes there’s more said by the body than words can describe. They fit perfectly together. He combed his fingers through her curly hair strewn across the pillows and kissed her back as she fell asleep in his arms. She was home and right where she should be.


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