She had a way of knowing exactly what he wanted. She not only heard him, but she listened. The difference between those is action. And she took action this evening when she greeted him at the door in a black lace bra, matching panties, a garter with stocking attached and ruby red heels. She screamed sexy, she had voluptuous curves from her soft shoulders to her perky, firm breasts, to her petite waist, and large, but very firm, round ass. He was surprised as he always was. Despite her presenting this way often, he was always taken by her beauty and sex appeal. Her eyes told him she appreciated and desired him and his told her how intense his love and want for her was.

She kissed him and pulled him to the bedroom where she bent over the soft comforter on the bed and showed him her bottom. It had been on his mind quite a bit lately. She had recently admitted her affinity for anal sex, something she felt shy and somewhat ashamed of. But he reassured her and nurtured her pleasures and she opened up, quite literally, for him.

She reached behind and grabbed her cheek, rubbing it firmly as if to let him know what she wanted. But she also knew it was more than sex for him. He has a certain affinity as well, one for a flower, in particular, her pink rose. He enjoyed the intimacy and when she admitted her liking he was excited to be able to please her.

He stood up and walked slowly toward her while taking in the view. She worked out, and the running and squats were clearly showing results. The light from the lamp illuminated her round bottom and she wiggled it slowly back and forth for him. He reached up and gripped her, his hand moving in a big circle around it. He slapped each cheek, not for punishment, but to see its firmness. He did so again and she moaned as he watched her fit cheeks barely move under the lace.

When he spread her legs he was surprised to see she was wearing a pair of crotchless panties. A mound of soft, curly hair shown through a hole in the lace and she glistened like dew on a morning flower for him. She must have had this on her mind. At the end of the hole was her ass. She was pink, beautiful, and tight. He ran his fingers over it lightly and saw it clench from his touch.

He laid her down on the bed and opened her thighs slightly and laid beside her. While kissing her back and neck he tactfully lubed his fingers from the tube sitting on the back of the nightstand. He could tell she was ready because her hips gyrated softly as one finger slid over her opening. He was gentle, she needed that care, and took his time running circles around her rose. He felt it tighten and loosen over and over, she couldn’t help it, it’s such a different feeling. He pressed softly into it, not even opening her, just testing her, and she moaned quietly. His other hand ran over her cheeks and under the lace. She had such a beautiful body and he took his time admiring it.

He felt her push her hips up and against his fingers. She was in need. Just barely slipping into her, his finger felt her tight grip. He also felt his erection strain against his slacks and he reached down to set his cock free. He was firm and dripping precum which she felt run warmly down her thigh as he held himself close to her. He fingered her gently for a few moments but knew she preferred his thick member so he pulled her to her side and pushed her leg up so that her bottom was exposed.

She could feel him drag the head of his cock through her hair and rest against her tight ass.

“Please take it…,”she asked.

She felt dirty asking for it, but taking a cock in her ass was something she found so pleasurable. It was taboo and in every other way she was the quintessential good girl. She liked being dirty from time to time and this was one of her favorite ways. He watched as the thick head of his cock pressed into her. The resistance he met made his cock bulge and he watched as he rubbed her back and she relaxed to let him in. She gripped the sheets tightly, it was always a weird feeling at first, it was warm, and stretched nicely. Just a little more. A couple more inches before he watched his cock disappear balls deep in her asshole.

He always asked her, “what’s in your ass?” He wanted to hear it and she wanted to say it,”a cock…your cock.”


He started slow, pulling himself nearly all the way out of her before sliding back in. It was tight and he watched the shades of pink turn more flushed red as he began fucking her. She was quite vocal when having her ass fucked, asking for it harder. He gripped her hips to hold her in place as he felt her tightness wrap around his fat cock. She was impressive, he wasn’t small, above average length and thick, and she took it all. She felt his heavy balls knock against her as he pounded thoroughly.

He lifted her to her knees where he could get a good grip on her hips. He worked her hard, fucking her tight ass just as she liked. He could hear her moan and call out his name over and over. He told her how good she felt and how dirty she is and it drove her wild to give up her sweet hole to him.

He reached under her and flipped his fingers over her clit and in circles. He could feel her reaction as she gripped his cock tighter. She could barely stand all the attention before her body started shaking from the fucking. She moaned and her body quaked as her little ass came on him. She loved it that much!

She also loved his release and told him so. And he fucked harder to finish. He watched as his cock slid all the way out and back in before his body tensed and he shot a huge load in her ass. It felt different this way, feeling her grip really milk out his seed. And this time it went where there’s a more direct route to her core. It was erotic and sensual, as it was dirty and fun. He filled her being and held her tightly in place as she felt him throb and pump the last of himself into her.

He didn’t pull out until he felt her relax, it was easier that way. He enjoyed watching himself fall heavily from her opening, watching her impressive ass close to save his seed. She fell flat on her stomach, exhausted and thoroughly fucked. She’d feel it the next day, but welcomed the reminder. And he tended to her gently, knowing what she just gave him was so important.

Before she fell fast asleep she listened to him tell her his admiration for her, his lips against her back and under her ear, and his hand resting perfectly on her round bottom…


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