It was their third date and his birthday. They had a simple dinner, some tapas and wine at a local place near his apartment. She liked him, maybe not head over heels, but he was attractive and different than her previous ties. He was Middle Eastern, with coal black hair and a matching beard. He was tall, muscular, a well built man with strong arms she caught herself day dreaming about. Before tonight they had only kissed, and even tonight she wasn’t ready for more, but it was his birthday…

He invited her over for an after dinner drink and she obliged. She was curious about his place. When they walked in she found it to be well maintained, clear of clutter, but with relics from his travels placed particularly on glass shelves along the walls. She was intrigued by him. He was well educated and traveled, so she picked his brain while sipping on some red wine on his leather couch.

A pause in the conversation and their eyes locked. She enjoyed his kisses, he had larger lips which seemed to hug hers sweetly, and his hands were warm against her side and face. His beard was masculine, bristly against her face and she liked feeling it in her soft hands. They kissed for a moment before she pulled back and wished him a happy birthday, hoping he had enjoyed it with her. He smiled and admired her beautiful eyes and wildly curly hair as it flowed down her shoulders. Her fair skin contrasted so starkly to his darkness. The difference aroused her senses. He even spoke Arabic to her at times, it was mostly slang, describing his affinity for her. A while she didn’t speak it, she felt his intent.

They spent some time kissing, the longest they’ve enjoyed each other since they met. His hands began to wander, testing her comfort as they rose near her breasts. She didn’t mind, it had been some time since she was touched and she missed the attention. He cupped one and moaned softly in appreciation for their size and firmness. She smiled under his kiss and slowly unbuttoned her shirt to give him a view. As he pulled back to see her cleavage her hand fell to his thigh just beside the printed curve of the head of his cock under his dress slacks. Her nails drug across it to let him know she was interested. She didn’t want to sleep him with him just yet, but she wondered what he was like under his clothes.

She slid her shirt off and reached back to unclasp her bra. “Happy birthday…” she said with a sly smile as she gave him a full view of her large, firm breasts. Her pale skin began to flush red and her pink nipples rose. She was proud of her curves, but it still took some courage to show him on their third date. Still, she was excited for him, curious and mentally engaged by his character and strength.

He cupped her breasts and held each to his mouth to swirl his warm tongue across her nipples. She moaned softly as he enjoyed her. He hand reached for his thigh again, finding that he had grown significantly since her last visit. She stood up and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Her panties wouldn’t follow tonight, but that didn’t stop her from turning to show off her tight ass and hourglass shape. Her dark hair fell nearly to her nipples and she knelt between his thighs before kissing him.

She figured a birthday blowjob was in order, he deserved it, and she was curious. So she unbuttoned his shirt and opened it to find his muscular chest adorned with short, dark hair. She ran her fingers through it and down until she felt his muscular v shape dive into his slacks. Her hands ran up for his thighs, her right one sliding over his manhood before reaching his belt which she skillfully unbuckled and whipped off. She gazed playfully at him and he watched her intently. “Let’s get these off…” She tugged his slacks down and off his ankles and reached for his briefs. She lowered them slowly, curious what she’d find beneath.

When the elastic band passed his knees his cock laid heavily on his thigh. She gasped softly, amassed at his size. Sufficiently long, but rather thick, dark, and uncircumcised. She had never been with a uncut penis before and immediately became curious, even somewhat intimidated, hoping she’d please him properly. She kissed back up his thigh until her nose met his heavy balls, they were warm and her lips began to kiss them gingerly. He was cleanly shaven but kept his naturally dark hair around the top of him. She took each ball in her mouth, savoring the taste of his skin. She reached for his length and felt it’s weight. She lifted it and kissed from the base to the head. It was large, round, and covered in soft foreskin which she tugged gently down to expose him. He tasted sweet, yet a little salty, but she enjoyed the masculinity of it. She took a moment to explore his manhood, the skin, and how dark he was in her pale, petite hand. It really aroused her, something different, and something she had imagined in her own private moments. He was so thick her fingers didn’t touch when she wrapped her hand around him. She placed it back in her mouth and began sucking slowly, each time her head bobbed up she took more of him on the way down.

She watched him closely to get to know his reactions. And he watched her as her red lips wrapped tightly around his girth. She could feel his foreskin kiss her lips when she stroked up and she soon began making out with it just as she had kissed him earlier. It was erotic and sensual, she kissed it sweetly and used her tongue to explore the ridges and curves of his cock. She liked it. A lot. And she could feel herself wet her panties below. He reached for her hair to tuck it behind her ear and gave her a faster pace by moving her head on him. Not forcefully, but she did enjoy learning his desires and what pleased him.

She moved faster, taking a bit more of him in, but not all of it, he was thick and filled her mouth. She liked that though and wondered what he’d feel like when having him in other ways. She felt his thickness become more firm as his pleasure increased and she worked to maintain it. Faster. One hand stroked up and down, sliding the skin to meet her cherry lips, while the other had cupped his large balls, tugging and massaging them. She readied them for her and she wanted to know his taste.

He moaned and his head fell back as he spoke something foreign. It turned her on and made her focus for a moment on this dark man before her, her pale hands wrapped around his well hung, dark cock. She tried to take him in full and did so well he told her so. She was good and he was so close to showing her how much.

She pulled back and told him where she wanted it and he didn’t hold back. She lowered to take his fat head between her lips and stroked up and down. His warm foreskin kissing her with each stroke. She liked it, it was playful. She looked up and used her eyes to ask for it and he gave it to her. His hot seed rushing into her mouth and over her tongue. He was slightly salty, natural, and masculine. She loved the taste of a real man and she took him effortlessly down her throat, swallowing all he had to give as her hand coaxed the last of him from his heavy balls.

She stroked until the last pearl was placed on her tongue and kissed the head passionately in admiration of him. He was pleased and she was pleased as well. She stood up and locked her lips, leaving nothing but a sweet smile on her face before sitting beside him. “Happy birthday, big boy…”

He grabbed her and kissed her so deeply to thank her. She treated him well and he was very appreciative. She nuzzled her head into his chest and smelled his desire. They laid there for a moment, her hand covering his relaxed manhood and his arms holding her close. The wine had her tired and he gently picked her up and carried her to his bed. He folded her clothes neatly and placed them on the nightstand. He covered her, respected her, and let her sleep as he held her close.   There was more than enough time to take it slow with her.


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