The party was quite lively. Some were huddled in corners while others begged to be the center of attention. Whispers and loud, boisterous voices called out stories that made the guests laugh. Her co workers were fun, intelligent, and some were downright drunk. Still, her attention was on him. They had met recently at work and hit it off well. They both grew up in similar familial situations and enjoyed the same types of music. Their differences were intriguing to each other and but hadn’t caused any problems.

They had kissed and fooled around a little the week prior, but still hadn’t slept together. They were fine with that, the desire was palpable and the abstention from sex only served to keep things interesting. Tonight was no different.

As they mingled she’d feel his hand on her lower back, guiding her from group to group as they laughed and joked around about office politics and the newest meme online. But as the night grew old, he tested her. She wore a short dress, mid thigh, not low cut in the front, but low enough to show some cleavage. As he wore a pair of jeans and a t. She caught herself staring at his muscular arms and sometimes the bulge under his dark denim. He was hung, she knew, but hadn’t seen its glory yet.

His hand drifted to her skirt where, when backed against a wall, he let fall to her thigh just under the last seam of cotton. She shot him a glance as if to say, “right here…?” And he replied with a light tap on her ass over her little green cotton panties. He loved her bottom, large, but firm and round. He gripped it tightly letting her know he was there.

“Two can play this game,” she thought. She discreetly dropped her hand, open-palmed, to his thighs where she gripped his manhood and heard him moan ever so softly right behind her ear. He instantly began to harden under his jeans. He grabbed her hand and placed it back over his jeans in an effort to show her what she had done. She gave it a strong pat followed by a sly smile.

His hand lifted her dress barely as she stood with her legs slightly apart. His fingers slid under her round bottom right where her thigh meets the curves of her cheek, and pried the green lace up to let his fingers slide between her. He wasn’t surprised to find her wet, but she was soaked, this discreet public display of affection had most certainly aroused her. His fingers slid just barely into her and around her wet mound. She found it so difficult to pay attention, the voices of the party became muted and she only saw mouths moving, but hardly heard the as she could only pay attention to the pleasure between her legs. Still, she was nervous about being caught. Her heart raced. She looked down to find her chest flushed and could feel her nipples press firmly against the soft lining of her bra. She could barely take it.

Two seats on the couch opened up, and she quickly grabbed him and whisked him off to sit down. “You think they know?” she whispered to him. “Who cares…,” he answered as he winked at her.

She reached over and grabbed a pillow to put in their laps. Her hand slid beneath, needing to feel his erection. It ran down his thigh and she was impressed by how firm and thick it was. He moved his arm and crossed it over hers, drawing her dress slightly up her thigh but covered by the pillow. Their eyes scanned the room constantly for observers, but everyone seemed too captured by other things to notice his hand had pushed her thighs apart and fingers had slid back under her wet panties to part her. He rubbed circles around her puffy clit. She was so turned on that all she could do was stare straight forward and feel him. She relied on him to keep a lookout for anyone who had figured them out. Her chest rose and fell as she felt her heart pounding. He could feel her hips buck against him as his fingers dipped just barely into her warmth. She was so sensitive, he could hear her moan every time he flipped his finger over her clit.

Her nails stroked the length of him before tracing the fat head of his cock. He had already started to make a small wet spot of precum and she knew the denim would be darker there. She’d make him have to stand up eventually and she smirked at the idea of teasing him. She tugged on him in full strokes, his member surely needing to be released. She thought of taking him to an empty bedroom or bathroom, but this was too much fun. She also couldn’t focus on much as his fingers worked more diligently toward her climax. She could feel it building and it was inevitable now.

She saw a few people look over and she smiled back wondering if they knew. “Are they…?” she heard someone say and couldn’t help but to think if they were now the topic of conversation. It didn’t matter now, she needed to let go, it’d be the only way she could stand up without her legs buckling. “Please…finish me now…” she told him. She needed it. All this teasing had her trembling under the pillow. His fingers worked her intently, diving into her discreetly before waving over her horny clit. Faster. Faster. He waved back and forth over it until her hand stopped along the middle of his length and gripped tightly. She felt the warmth and electric sensation rush through her body, her legs tightened and toes curled in her sandals as her body gave in to his skillful attention. He felt her quiver under his touch, a release of warm cream slid over his fingers. He leaned over and whispered to her how hot she was and it made her shiver as the last quake of her pleasure subsided.

He knew she was particularly sensitive after her orgasm and let his fingers slide over her one last time before sliding out from under her lace. He was proud of her and she was enamored with his tactful teasing, and thankful he could follow through so discreetly. Surely this wouldn’t be the last time they played so openly.

She gripped him tightly and told him to walk behind her, she’d help him hide the cock she longed for as they departed. She whispered playfully in his ear on their way out the door, “there’s no hiding what you’ve got…” She smiled back at him and couldn’t help but to unbuckle his belt when they got in his truck. She had to see what she had done…


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