Neither of them knew for sure, things had been rocky lately, but they hid their fear of their last night behind fake smiles and a long hug. They wanted nothing more than to fix the wrongs, but life had a different plan. Still, instead of letting it slip quietly away, they chose one last embrace.

It had been some time since they were intimate and they held each other differently, this time with a reluctance to let go, but an unspoken understanding this would be their last. Their kisses were as intense as ever, wanting to please, but begging to leave a mark and a memory. He held her with the strength he’d always used, but this time with a tenderness much more caring since the next time would be from another lover. He tried so hard to leave an impression.

He picked her up and carried her to bed, her petite body folding neatly into him. He placed her gently on the bed and laid beside her where he caressed her soft curves. His fingertips ran across her, a Braille-like reading since he’d soon be blind. He logged all her curves and bends, her risen nipples, and goosebumps. And she, she let her eyes close to remember how much attention and care he gave to her. He always took his time.

His lips tucked under her ear and whispered to her words of praise and affection. “I love you.” It made her shiver and he replied by pulling her closer so his masculine, hairy chest kept her warm and safe. She was never more safe and protected than with him and she’ll take that with her.

His erection pressed into her thigh and she reached for it. She tugged slowly, wrapping her hand around his girthy length. She had always admired his manhood, its thick head and the vein running atop it. He’d never been more engorged than when he was with her, and she knew it, taking her time to hold and watch it as it throbbed under her fingers.

She felt his warm hand trace slowly down her ribs from her breasts, down her hips and over her lacy panties. He thought how he’d always liked her in those. He felt her heat and ran a finger between her, gently pressing. She’d miss his slow engagement, how he did everything right to make her comfortable. And before long her chest turned red and her legs laid open as an invitation to him.

He reached down and slid the lace down her fit legs, taking his time to kiss up her thighs and up her belly and breasts until he laid them on her lips and kissed passionately. She could feel his member laying heavily atop her and she moved ever so slightly to let it fall to her entrance. The last first push. It was so long, his erection sliding through her feminine hair and into her warmth. One inch, then two, then every one after until his warm rod was buried deep in her. She felt full and taken. Their kisses were so intense as they rested before he began to make slow, rhythmic moves into her being. They met with such a harmony that everything around them disappeared. His arms scooped under her, and hers wrapped around his strong back and legs held tight around his waist. He nearly left her with each stroke out, but filled her so full and deep with each stroke in. It was fulfilling and thorough. The smell of their sex filled the room and the sound of their bodies meeting created lasting memories in the ears. Their breathing matched and he listened to her moan each time he gave her his all.

He dug deep and she happily received him. And when he felt her body tighten he plowed her with such care. He whispered his last command to her, “Yes, cum for me…” She trusted him and was always so obedient to that command, so much so that her body immediately gave way to a quake of a finish, from head to toe her body clenched and shook around him. He held her safely as she rode out her pleasure on him. He caressed and encouraged her, keeping the hair from her face and giving her room to breath deep. “That’s it, good…” he whispered.

Her grip on him was magical, and he always waited for her release before beginning his. She told him, “Please, cum for me…” And her command was as strong as his. He listened to her and began burying himself in long strokes. Her nails dug into his back and she gave her encouraging words, “Oh yes, please!” Her legs held him in place forbidding his removal, ensuring he planted his hot seed deep in her fertile belly. She felt each stream explode from his thick head and rush into her. Her hands ran sweetly up and down his back as he emptied his love into her garden.

They paused to slow down, their warm elixir overflowing her slowly even as he held himself deep. He kissed her passionately and turned to spoon her from behind without leaving her warmth. She snuggled back into him and they traded I love you’s. Nothing else was said, nor did anything else need to be said. They’d given their all until the last moment possible. And the right thing was to be quiet and cherish this unmatched affection. They slept off and on, never loosening their embrace, but the morning came so quickly. He left everything he could with her, hoping she’d never forget him, but the least of which was a note on her pillow which read:

“Like ancient dust from far away stars

Make up the essence of who we are

So are you in the depths of my heart

Think of me fondly each glance you take

At the wonder of the star, Alkaid.

I love you.”


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