She wore a spring flower dress and a light, knit sweater with sandals on her weekly walk through the gardens behind her house. She enjoyed walking there and each week she’d see the birth and death of nature’s creation. She paid attention to the small things, knew all the types of shrubs, herbs, and plants spread across the well manicured grounds.

She took a seat on a bench and soaked in the sun, her dark hair flowing lightly with the spring breeze, the pale skin on her chest turned a slight pink from the rays, her perky breasts barely showing cleavage. The view was beautiful, but then a man caught her eye. He was older, tall, not slender, but not overly muscular, just trim and fit. He had a little scruff on his face and was just starting to gray in his dark brown hair. He asked if anyone was sitting beside her and she quietly answered no before he asked if she knew what flower was growing across the path. Amazed at her knowledge, he smiled and started a conversation. He was genuinely handsome and she struggled at times to listen to him, hearing his voice but paying attention to his movements, diction, and interest in her. She felt an arousal swell within her, clasping her legs closed in an attempt to quell the desire.

This wasn’t like her. She didn’t typically have these thoughts, reserving them strictly for those she was in a relationship with. But it had been months since she had been touched, longer since she felt a man pierce her the way she was now imagining him. She thought of how attractive he was, but how he’s merely a stranger enjoying the same beautiful day she was. He started becoming more physical, though, touching her arm as he told jokes. She felt a real connection with him.

Half an hour passed and he invited her on a walk, she obliged; it’d be good to get up and move around, maybe these thoughts would subside.

But they didn’t. She watched him walk confidently, his arms looked stronger than she first noticed, his rear was firm, and she took note of the swaying bulge in his khakis. She thought, “how is this possible?” The desire grew and he could tell. The thin cotton covering her breasts wasn’t good at hiding her risen nipples pressing against a thin lace bralette. She had a sway in her hips that told him she was interested.

They broke through a clearing and stood in front of his apartment building where he invited her up for tea. “But I just met him!” she said loudly in her head. Still, she couldn’t say no to him.

He lead her inside, her heart racing, wondering if this was a good idea. He seemed nice enough, and who knows, maybe this was just how a good thing started. When they reached his door he opened it and stepped inside. He turned to her and told her how pretty she was, more gorgeous than any flower they saw today. And as she looked into his eyes he leaned in and kissed her.

This was certainly not what she had thought it would be, but secretly what she wanted. She’d always wanted to be able to let go with a stranger. This certainly wasn’t how she normally was, in fact, she didn’t even know his name. So she pulled reluctantly away from his tender kiss to ask. He told her and she she told him, and the kissing started again. She couldn’t help herself. She felt so strongly about letting him have her. She was nervous and didn’t know what to say, if anything at all. In her excitement she started talking, “I don’t normally do this…”

“I know…”

And he kissed her again. They stood there making out for quite some time, the passion building until his hands started touching her. She felt an electricity between her thighs, a warmth growing. His fingertips drew the straps of her dress off her shoulders slowly until the entire thing fell to the floor. She stood, near naked, before him, and he admired her as he admired every flower they discussed.

Things started moving faster though. She couldn’t believe she was going to, but she was so aroused by all this that she found herself helping him out of his shirt and khakis as he let her bra and panties pile atop her dress on the floor. She took one look down and saw his member, felt her hunger and dropped to her knees. She had longed to taste a man. His masculine scent filled her and slightly salty skin dove deep in her mouth. He was already firm and quite thick. Impressed with his size, she began sucking skillfully, taking the thick head of his cock as far as she could. Her hand cupped his weighty balls and massaged them, bringing up a drop of sweet precum to her lips. He looked down at her, amazed at her ability, and she watched intently for every sign of pleasure to get to know him. Less than an hour ago she was alone in the garden, but now on her knees sucking the cock of a stranger.

She felt herself become so wet that her ass began to wiggle behind her, the warm cream slipping around her sweet lips which begged to be parted. She looked up at him as if to say, “please, now…” and he knew it was time.

He lifted her and carried her to the bed where he laid her on a soft down comforter. Shy and unknowing if he’d like the small kept bush of hair over her mound, she closed her thighs. But he assured her of his admiration and opened them gently to kiss down her stomach to her need. He kissed her softly there, her natural smell of desire aroused him as his tongue worked gently through her glistening curls. It had been so long she nearly came instantly, but found herself pulling him up her body until she felt his length at her opening. This time she let her legs fall open to him, inviting his cock to fill her. And he did. Slowly. She moaned, and he met resistance from her tightness, but treated her so delicately he made his way fully into her while kissing her rose red lips.

He was thick, and she felt it. She missed the feeling of her body filled by a man, the tense feeling of being opened followed immediately by his rhythmic movements fully in and out. He was thorough, yet gentle. Certainly his age came with experience, and she looked up to see his salt and pepper hair on his head and chest. She moved her hips with him, bringing her legs to wrap around his waist and join his rhythm. He turned her to her side and spooned her, again taking her in ways she had only been imagining early in the morning or late at night by herself in her bed. It was like he knew what she wanted. He kissed her back and his hands gripped her curves, holding her breasts firmly as he slid fully in and out. He turned her to her knees and bent her over. It was one of her favorites and she wanted it from him, to bend over and let him have her. He was more hard this way, grabbing her hips and pounding out his desire. She was vocal, too, telling him how good he felt. His response was the same, feeling her grip tighten on him.

But he needed to watch her and for her to watch him, so he turned her to her back with his strong arms and sent his cock back into her. She was soaked, the sound of their bodies meeting turned her on and she looked over her breasts to watch his throbbing cock disappear inside her. He worked intently to bring her to the edge.

“Where?” he whispered.

She knew he was asking where to finish and she answered simply by using her legs to bring him deep into her. This sent them both to the brink, her tightness began to quiver around him and her nails dug into his back. She called out his name and felt her body quake under his embrace. Then she felt it, her stranger’s hot cum stream into her. She took all of him until his balls were empty and she felt their mixture run warmly from her.

He kissed her sweetly and she caught her breath. Did this really happen? He was still inside her when he turned them to their sides to cuddle. There she laid naked with a man whom she had just met, now full of him, and all she could think of was the next time. She had finally let go and it felt freeing. He tended to her curves and flushed skin as they napped lightly.

He didn’t forget the tea, though, and they enjoyed a cup over conversation much later in the afternoon before walking hand in hand back to her place. Before parting ways he told her, “meet me in the garden…”

She knew she would.


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