It was an early spring afternoon, a light breeze and bright sun shining down as they hauled a few packs, a tent, and a cooler to the camp site. It was a beautiful site, a clearing amidst tall pines beside a river rushing from the winter’s snow. She had wanted to go camping with him for some time. They set their things down and shared a kiss before holding hands and taking in the view. The dandelions had started to grow and grass was starting to turn bright green, and smiles grew big across their faces.

He unpacked the tent and asked for her help in setting it up. She readily obliged, excited at the thought of spending a few nights with him in the wild.

After camp was setup he started a fire for them and poured her a glass of wine. The sun began to set quickly and she made her way to the tent to change into something warm and comfortable, her favorite pair of sweatpants and an oversized sweater. She didn’t need a bra out here and she left her panties in the bag, she wouldn’t need those either.

She took a seat in his lap as he sat staring at the roaring fire he’d made. His beard smelled of fire and woods, and she nuzzled against it before he kissed her. He was masculine, able to build a fire for her, not just the orange and red glow in front of them, but also a yearning between her thighs. She loved how capable he was. His strong arms knew how to handle her and right then they held her close.

They kissed for some time before his hand finally made its way up her sweater. Her large breasts cupped one at a time before his fingers explored her nipples made taut by the crisp evening air and his attention. She could feel him grow strong under her bottom as she sat comfortably in his lap. They took their time kissing. It was natural for them and they did it often.

His hand fell to her thigh where it trailed slowly up before he cupped her warmth. He could tell she was ready as she moaned softly for him. He stood up with her petite body in his arms and carried her to the tent where he had made a thick pallet of blankets and laid her softly on them. He sat up on his knees and lifted his shirt over his head, his hairy chest now bared for her, the light of the fire dancing across the coarse black hair. She felt a fire burn inside her as well and she needed him. He leaned forward and kissed her before removing her sweater, her large, firm, round breasts now exposed. He kissed down her chest and belly until he met the waistband of her sweats and tugged them slowly off her hips. She was beautiful laying there naked for him. The orange glow on her fair skin bounced around as the fire crackled. He explored her with his eyes and hands; the peaks of her nipples, valley between her breasts, and winding curves of her hips and bottom were all there for exploration. He admired her curly hair adorning her mound and loved how natural she was.

He lowered his pants and and she watched as his heavy member fell from the denim. It swung nicely and she felt it land atop her thigh as he lowered himself gently on her. She’d always wanted this, to make love under the stars with him. He grew more sturdy and firm as he held her and placed himself at her entrance. They kissed passionately and she felt him part her. Slowly, until she took him all the way, he moved into her being. Her head fell back in pleasure and she looked up to see his eyes, like stars staring back at her. Then through the pines she saw the bright twinkling of the cosmos and felt so petite and taken by him.

He made love to her like never before. It was passionate, emotional, and thorough. He was rough in a gentle way, making sure she knew she was his. He took her many ways, turning her to her side, on top of him, before laying her again on her back. He made sure of her climax, drawing multiples from her with his attention. It was the most raw, natural, and tender love making they’d ever experienced.

He brushed the hair from her face as he laid her again on her back, his chest hair against her breasts and kisses across her neck and under her ear as he finished her by telling her what he wanted.

“Again…cum for me…”

She followed her man’s command and let the warmth of the fire and the pleasure he created overcome her. Her body shook and toes curled, she called out loudly as he drew from her the strongest yet. He encouraged her and held her safely as she let go, her cream running down his thick cock and large balls that fell heavily against her with each of his capable thrusts. And that’s when she felt his release, a warmth fill her belly as streams of hot seed erupted and buried deep inside her. He was timely, always going second, because she was his priority.

They laid there, the most natural state of existence, naked and sexed, their love overflowing, and now running slowly from her. She milked the last of his white pearls into her and he kissed her so deeply she knew there was no other. There, under the stars, she laid full of her man and his love. It was nearly too much but he had a way of keeping her focused.

The night grew chilly but she laid in his warm arms, his chest to her back as he planted soft kisses on her pale skin as the embers crackled and turned a muted orange. The fire had extinguished, but their love never would.


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