It’s always one thing after another at work. It seems there’s never a time your phone isn’t ringing, an email doesn’t need a reply, or your boss is calling you into his office. You don’t typically mind the last one, it’s practically the only time you can remotely get away from any task. But you always leave his office with more work than you came in with. It’s just part of the job, especially when you’re competent.

Lately though, it seems he’s been calling you in for nothing more than a discussion about random topics not even work related. Maybe he recognizes your need for a break. He’s been inquiring about everything from your taste in music to your love life. You and your boyfriend recently broke up so you’ve got a lot on your mind. Even yesterday he hinted at being free this weekend and covertly asked what your plans are. Surely he isn’t making any moves, he’s always been one to follow office etiquette. No dating the staff.

That still hasn’t stopped you from wondering about him, though. He’s well dressed, always wearing a crisp, ironed shirt, pressed slacks, and a sports coat. You find him extremely attractive, certainly the most fit guy on the team, you’ve caught him at the work gym in a pair of shorts and tank top lifting weights. Damn if you didn’t want him to lift you. But that’s inappropriate and better left for those solo moments at night before bed.

Since your break up you’ve been missing the attention you use to receive regularly, so sure, you’ve considered the possibilities. The conference room, parking deck, work travel, even his corner office with that buttery leather chair he sits so authoritatively in. You’ve found yourself day dreaming about it. Even dressing for it. Tight skirts, heels, a blouse with one more button left open, you’ve tried for his attention just to see where you stand, but nothing.

Until today.

Appropriately dressed, yet, leaving some to the imagination, you’re wearing a dress past your knee, barely showing cleavage, and a sweater. What’s more important is that you’ve chosen a day a week to wear crotchless panties and that day is today. They’re fun, naughty, and keep your mind off work just enough to make work fun again. You feel the cooler air rush over the lace and through the opening centered perfectly on your most intimate parts.

It’s just after lunch when he calls you in to his office. He closes the door behind you and locks it. “Scared someone might barge in on an exciting discussion about tomorrow’s brief?” you ask jokingly. “Just taking every precaution!” he replies.

He sits on the desk and asks you to take a seat. You sit down in front of him, wondering what he has in mind. He takes a moment, definitely admiring your eyes, fair skin, and large breasts barely showing below the cotton dress, your long legs and flats reach to the floor. He tells you he didn’t call you in to talk about work and you can feel the sexual tension. He knows, and you know, what’s been building.

It’s erotic how these things work out. You both know this has to stay behind closed doors, and you’re thankful for this “open door policy” he’s started with you. He’s direct, telling you he’s been watching you, and you’re bashful, blushing at the confrontation of your admiration and curiosity for him. So he uses that commanding tone you find so sexy about him and asks you to come over to him. You’re drawn to him. He’s masculine, authoritative, and capable. You’ve considered this for some time, but now it’s going to happen.

You smell his cologne, his mint breath, as you step to the desk and eventually right between his legs that hang off. He pulls you in and kisses you deeply. How did it happen like this? It’s like he’s aware of your desire, need, and knows just how to bring you to action. His kiss is firm, but with care for this delicate situation you now find yourself in. From here on out you’ll need to be the most discreet, and the thought of that makes your heart pound and a tingling sensation under those naughty little panties you’re wearing.

“We’ve wanted this…,” he says. “Yes…” you reply, not knowing anything more to say, hoping his direction in this matter is as thorough as it is with work items. You feel his strong hands grip you, holding you in front of him before sliding down to your ass and squeezing firmly. He moans approvingly, your firm ass lifted by his hand. You don’t have much time, certainly suspicions would rise if you spent more than your normal time behind his closed door. So he moves things along, not rushed, but certainly hungry for you.

He reached for your hand and placed it over his wool slacks. Fuck, the bulge you’ve seen was telling the truth about what’s beneath. And he starts to tug his zipper down so you can lay your eyes on it. Still sitting on the desk, he placed you back in the chair and you reach to finish what he started with his zipper. You reach inside to grip him, pulling out a thick, smooth cock that lays heavily against his thigh.

This is the part you’ve thought of often, sucking your boss’ cock while sitting in his nice leather chair. So you lean forward and take it in, helping him grow full erect until you see just how large he is. Above average in length, but the best part is his girth. Your tongue traces around the fat head, right where it meets his shaft and you get to know that bulge as it slides back and forth against your red lips. He reached down to your dress and cups one breast, then the other, finally getting his hands on you after watching them bounce when you walk, especially on those days you’ve dressed more for him than anything else.

You take him deep, using your saliva to spread down his length and stroke him skillfully until clear pearls of precum make strings from your lips to that beautiful head. “That’s it…you’re so good…,” he encourages you. He tugs the cotton of your dress down until your breasts are exposed, impossible to undress fully here, but enough to lay his gaze on your curves. You can feel the wetness between your thighs growing and are reminded you’re wearing those special panties when you feel your slick mound rub over the leather of his chair. You reach between your thighs and can feel your eagerness, which signals to him you’re ready.

He stands up and invites you to stand with him before he kissed you, your lips wet from sucking him. He turns you away and bends you slightly over his desk to lift your dress up. Your firm, round ass now exposed, he admires it and moves your legs apart with his foot. Right here on his desk, fuck that’s hot. Your mind races and heart pounds. And you can feel his hard cock travel up the inside of your thigh before stopping. “What’s this?” He tugs at your panties, his fingers pointing out the lack of full coverage. “I just…I…” you stumble to find the right answer, before you hear him tell you he’s proud of your foresight and planning.

No need to lower the lace thanks to your weekly experiment, you feel the head of his cock press into you. You can’t moan here, so you bite your lip, feeling your boss’ thick, heavy cock begin to fill you. You’re perfectly parted and he goes deep, right there on that expensive cherrywood. His hands reach forward to hold your breasts and you push back into him needing every bit of that manly dick. “Fuck me,” you whisper. And he does. He’s thorough, deep, and you enjoy the unexpected filling you’ve long desired.

Long strokes in and out, and by now neither of you care that you’ve been in there for more than ten minutes. Good thing he locked the door. He fucks hard, your ass rolling forward and back with each thrust. Your big tits swaying in his hands. He’s good. But you knew he was before today. Harder. All the way out and all the way back in. Your pussy creams on his fat cock and you can hear it fuck you.

Then he turns you around, you take a look down and get a good look at his member. Yeah, you took that. He sits you in his chair and you hike up your dress and open your legs, inviting him back in. He kisses you and holds your head forward a bit to look down as he disappears inside you. “Watch it.” You see yourself take it all the way until his big balls press firmly against you. Still pristinely dressed minus his cock out, he fucks you thoroughly, taking time to suck and nibble your risen nipples. Your hands reach to his hips and help him keep a rhythm you need, building your orgasm. He’s hitting the right spot over and over. That’s when you start to feel yourself tighten, your stomach tense, and all you want to do is moan and scream, but he leans in and kisses you to keep you quiet. Harder. His fucking is so masterful, his cock so perfectly sized to make you feel taken, you feel your pussy start to quiver. Just the idea of this whole affair sends you over the edge. “Cum now,” he commands. You listen well and let your body shake under his grip. Your petite pussy squeezing him so tightly that he’s got no choice but to release. And there you are, in your boss’ office, in his chair, cumming on his cock as streams of his hot seed rush inside you. Your face is red and chest flushed, using your legs to keep him buried deep as you pulse around his girth. He fucks so well.

You feel his cock twitch, surely sending the sat few spurts of cum into your belly. He leans down and kisses you firmly, “Hold it, squeeze tight…” You feel him start to leave you, reluctantly letting him fall from your well fucked pussy. “That’s it, hold it in…” You’ll have to now, or else your panties will let him run from you. So you squeeze firmly and try your best to keep your boss from slipping down your thighs. He stands you up and helps lower your dress back into place before stopping at your panties, his fingertips tugging at the waistband, “wear these every Thursday.” “Certainly,” you reply before he kisses you again. This time it’s a long, passionate kiss. His way of telling you he respects the situation, and he’s interested in more than this.

“If you need my support you know I’ve got an open door policy,” he says as you smile slyly, appreciatively, and reach for the door handle.

Walking back to your desk you find it difficult to concentrate, but first and foremost is keeping him a secret, and right now, secretively inside you.


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