He misses her.

He misses her bright blue eyes and how they once looked at him with an interest so genuine and a passion so intense. He misses the way he could so easily translate her looks and gazes. He knew her through her eyes.

He misses the way her smile made him feel happy. And how she smiled every time she saw him, even if it had only been just moments before the last parting of her cherry lips. It seemed so effortless to smile back.

He misses the way her wildly curly hair flowed in the summer breeze or even in those heated moments they shared so often. The way strands would be sewn into his clothes just as she was sewn into his heart.

He misses her morning routine, though it made him anxious as she rushed to get ready for work. Her pace only set because they’d spend every last moment possible starting their day properly with each other.

And he misses her evening routine, dedication to her vibrant, healthy skin, the smell of her creams and oils as she strolled to bed in little to nothing. He waited for her to finish and would give her a thousand years to finish if it meant she’d find him at the end.

He misses her commitment to her career, her intelligence surpassing anyone he’d ever known, but her humble character would never show it. She worked hard and excelled at everything she was a part of.

He misses her collection of plates and pictures, books and gifts from the world over. At first glance it seemed messy, but he got to know her and love her passion for the little things.

He misses the way she listened to him. She’d surprise him with gifts he’d barely mention or wear his favorite underthings especially for him. She didn’t just hear him, but she listened.

He misses her eagerness to please him. Always maintaining dignity and respect, she’d still seek to explore herself and him. She was strong, courageous, and charming in every effort to make him happy.

He misses her thoughtfulness and willingness to do whatever it took to help someone and support them.

And he misses her cooking. They’d spend evenings together making their most favorite meals and teaching each other culinary secrets. It was a mutual love of theirs and it brought them together.

He misses her naturally gorgeous body. The way she fit so perfectly against him, or nuzzled into his neck and chest. Her curves are beautiful. Her perky, firm breasts, hourglass shape, and tight, round bottom made his hands write secrets across her soft skin late at night and early in the morning.

He misses their love making. The way she took him in and the way she gave him every bit of her being. The way she’d wrap herself around him and never let go. Most memorably is the way she’d look at him so full of wonder and pleasure. She accepted him and all he is.

He misses so much and so strongly. He aches for her in ways he’s unsure he’ll ever fix. He misses the potential. And the way she calms his anxious mind. She’s gentle and knows how to tend to him.

He doesn’t want to miss anymore. But so long as he does she’ll never be forgotten.


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