She’s talented. He loved her talents. And she thoroughly enjoyed showing them off, particularly her love for giving blowjobs.

She grew adept at recognizing the smell he released when he was turned on by her and she regularly reached for him to sit him on the couch or bed to show him admiration and appreciation of his manhood. She starts slow, dragging her nails lightly along his chest and thighs. Her ruby lips kiss up his legs until she feels the warmth of his testicles press against her nose and cheek. His balls held her seed which she delightfully worked up over the course of a ball sucking session, tugging them into her mouth one at a time. She took care to not hurt him, but made sure to make him feel her hunger. The slight saltiness of his skin and masculine smell aroused her sexually and she became wet under her lace or just under her robe. She knew exactly what he liked because she paid attention. His thick cock stood up as she bathed each of his balls with her tongue. They were heavy when she took them in, filling her mouth.

There was something about giving blowjobs that made her feel in control. Yes, she was serving him, but to be in control of what makes him a man gave her confidence and strength. She grips his balls and tugs them down and away from him, sending his cock straight up in the air. It’s tall, thick, and she especially admired the head which is well defined by a nice ridge she loves to trace with the tip of her tongue. She kisses lightly up the shaft until she gets to the top. Admittedly, she does what seems natural and pleasing, which she describes as making out with a cock. The description fits as she takes it barely in her mouth and starts to kiss it. Her red lips part to let her tongue slide over the hole and around the head. She looks up to watch for signs she’s blowing him well and he smiles before letting out a moan. Lower. Then just a little lower, she lets her saliva be spread by her lips as she takes him as far as she can. She’s skilled at this and he tells her so.

Her hands are never without a task, one at the base of him to keep him tall and the other cupping or tugging his balls. She starts to kiss more passionately, bobbing her head up and down. And now when her lips reach the top she can taste his sweet precum, a sign she’s treating him well. When her mouth needs a break a string of saliva shines from the daylight between her lips and the fat head and she strokes him, sometimes asking how he feels or whispering her dirty thoughts. She enjoys being told of her talent, sometimes sweetly,

“You’re so good to me…”

And sometimes more naughty,

“You’re a good cock sucker…”

But either way, she thrives on encouragement and affirmation, and she certainly deserves it.

She can feel herself become more wet, soaking the soft curls that cover her gorgeous vagina. And he, too, has become keenly aware of her arousal by her natural smell. Still, she’s focuses on him, needing his release. His fat cock fills her mouth again and she reaches for his hand to place it on her head. Submissive at times, she enjoys letting him direct her how he wants. He’s gentle, but uses her mouth, watching her lips wrap tightly and dive down his length. She moans as her hands grip his balls tightly, making his cock pulse. His fingers lock into her curly hair and bring her down to hold it there, her tongue massaging the underside of him. He reads her well and pulls himself from her mouth when she needs a break.

She recognizes his pleasure and edges him closer using her hand. She prepares herself by pulling her hair back and looking up at him with bright eyes. Her hands work quickly while his grip the sheets or her arm to let her know. But she already knows, his cock becomes so firm just before. And when he begins she kisses the head, holding it just behind her lips until she skillfully begins to swallow his warm seed. She enjoys this part, just the idea of her causing this pleasure, and taking the essence of his being into her is so arousing. She sucks him well until she flicks her tongue over the hole to gather the last white pearl. Belly full, and balls drained, she smiles sweetly at him and he brings her up to kiss her, appreciative of her talent.

Her love of a man’s cock is evident. A blowjob, a moments kiss of the flaccid head in the shower, or a discreet gentle tug or pat, she has a genuine admiration for what bulges beneath slacks or jeans, for what pleases her so deeply. Like no other, she thanks him. And he thanks her.


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