She pulled the lace up her thighs and snapped the garter to the thigh band. Her legs seemingly went a mile high, longer when she stepped into her dark red heels. She sheer of her lace bralette let the light pink of her nipples show through and she needed no other support, her breasts were firm and perky. He’d be there soon and though she was ready, she didn’t think he would be.

When he knocked she strolled over slowly so he could hear the tapping of her heels on the wood floor through the door. And when she opened it she greeted him with a kiss on the cheek. He was speechless, she looked stunning. He reached to hug her but she walked slowly away swinging her hips to draw his eyes to her curves.

“Fuck…you look amazing…”

“I know.”

She walked back toward him with a glass of whiskey for him and wine for herself. And he took a seat on the couch. She stood there in front of him making him admire her. She walked over to her bookshelf and bent over to pick one up. He didn’t care much for whatever book she chose, her firm, round ass was on display and he couldn’t keep his eyes off her. She had her hair pulled back in a clip that let her curls drape over her shoulders and breasts. He admired her, she was well endowed with cleavage and the most perfect tits he’d ever seen. He could smell her perfume and even her desire.

She walked back over to him and tossed the book in his lap. Dear Lover. He didn’t ask much, she kept his attention. And she didn’t care what book it was, teasing him was the name of the game tonight. She sat down in front of him and crossed her legs. He followed her heels up her thighs and could just make out her nipples under the lace. She made it difficult for him to speak and she enjoyed that, smiling slyly at him. She drew her fingers up her thighs and parted them just barely. That’s when she noticed his slacks twitch a bit.

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh…nothing…” he fumbled out.

Normally he was confident and commanding, but tonight she had him feeling off. She stood up and sat beside him, her hand on his thigh. And when he tried to reciprocate she brushed his hand off her. She can’t let him touch her.

But she continued on with her teasing. Her hand drug up his thigh until it neared the round bulge under his pants. She quickly skipped over it and turned his chin to her, bringing her lips so close but just far enough away from his lips. He could nearly taste her when she whispered, “Is this what you want?”

Normally he’d be able to have her, but she refused. Her lips, perfectly covered in his favorite lipstick, sat right before him and he couldn’t reach them. Her hand fell to his chest, breaking open his Oxford shirt to feel his masculine hair. She pushed him back and fell to her knees in front of him, her hands resting on his thighs. She ran them up and down slowly as if she were going to follow through on unzipping his zipper and tugging his fat cock from it like she use to, but she never did.

She stood up and popped the straps of her garter, her long legs dressed in the black lace he loves. She turned to push out her rear, enticing his length to jump a few times. She loved messing with him and seeing him strain against the wool. She reached back and slapped her ass. It was firm and that should be his hand. But she wouldn’t let it.

Then she sat back in the chair in front of him and spread her thighs wide. He could see her panties glisten with excitement as her hand began rubbing over her mound. Slow at first, but then with a rhythm that made her clit puffy and soft curls more wet.

“Is this what you want?” she asked.


“I know.”

She continued massaging the way she had perfected. Her chest flushing and nipples pushing through the lace. He watched as she pleased herself, not even considering letting him. It was as if she blocked him out as she fingered herself to a strong orgasm right there in front of him.

“I think it’s past your bedtime,” she stated firmly.

She stood up and so did he. She stepped toward him and he could smell her finish on her fingers as she grabbed his face to kiss his cheek.

“Go home and take care of that thing,” motioning toward his erection.

He took one last look at her to save it for later and she locked the door behind him. She walked confidently back toward her bedroom and stood in the door staring at  her bed. It wasn’t too late for her and she’d go another round or two soon…


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