An outlet for those things we feel shy about or ashamed to share, Masqued Desire is where you can feel comfortable and safe to talk without judgement, but with discretion. It’s often that sexual desire is quelled by society, taboos prevent us from growing, and we starve our minds and bodies from those pleasures we crave to explore. Masqued Desire exists as a way for you open yourself to new pleasures, experiment with fantasies, and grow to embrace your sexuality.

I write for myself and others so that you have a way to experience those deeply held passions and curiosities. Share with me and let’s create together.

If you’ve had a new or long term fantasy, or a short term craving, email me your thoughts along with any details you’d like to be included. Be as detailed or as simple as you like. I’ll spend my time crafting a short story for you and the masquerade audience.

There are only two rules here:
Be good to yourself

Be good to others